Teacher Notes CBCA Shortlisted Books

Teacher notes are an excellent resource for discussing books with children. They offer a detailed insight in to the story, characters, theme, author etc. Many contain fun activities which can be printed and used in class lessons. We have sourced some teacher notes for some of this years CBCA shortlisted books.

CBCA 2024 Shortlist Order Form

Early Childhood:

Can you teach a fish to climb a tree?

Gymnastica Fantastica

One Little Duck

Picture Book of the Year:

Every Night at Midnight

If i Were a Horse


Timeless Activity Sheet

Bowerbird Blues

Bowerbird Blues Activities for Teachers

Bowerbird Blues More Activities

Bowerbird Blues More Activities

Older Readers

Grace Notes

Hunger of Thorns


InkFlower Additional Resources

Let;s Never Speak of This Again

Two Can Play at That Game

Younger Readers

Scar Town

(Read a preview of Scar Town) https://www.penguin.com.au/books/scar-town-9780143791812


Being Jimmy Baxter

Eve Pownall Award (Information Book)

Country Town

Eww Gross!

(Teacher notes for Our Country: Where History Happened are below)




Country of Colour

New Illustrator

Hope is The Thing

Raised by Moths

Etta and the Shadow Taboo







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